Discover Transatel APIs events.

A webhook is a way to push real-time events to your platform. Those events are securely sent over HTTPS as JSON payload. All events are fully documented using OpenAPI 3.1 standard in our API references.

With Transatel webhooks, your integration is as easy as possible. You can decide which events to receive, where to send them and enable/disable them at any time. Also you can test your integration and simulate any events of your choice using our webhook testing capabilities.

Depending on your needs, you can use webhooks to trigger any required business logic or even sends notifications to your end users.

Events specifications

To discover all events available in Transatel platform, you can consult the following API reference documentations:

Integration guide

To discover in details how to integrate Transatel webhooks events, please refer to our detailed integration guide.

Retry Strategy

In case your platform is unavailable or responds with an error, new attempts to deliver the events will be performed every 10 minutes for the following 10 hours.

Best practices

Below are recommended best practices when implementing webhooks.

Event types

You should subscribe only to the events relevant for your integration when registering your webhook(s). Subscribing to all events is not recommended and would only put unnecessary strain on your servers.

Event parsing

When parsing events received on your platform always:

  • declare only useful fields for your logic
  • systematically ignore all unknown/unused fields

This will guarantee your integration to be compatible with future backward compatible evolutions of those events.


Ensure that the received events are coming from Transatel platform. This can be achieved by:

  • Verifying the event signature
  • Only trust events coming from declared Transatel IP addresses (IP whitelisting)
  • Add mTLS authentication

Verify events signature

When configuring a webhook, you should always include a secret. Providing this information will allow us to generate a signature that will be included in all events as an X-TSL-Signature-256 HTTP header.

To discover how to verify this signature, please refer to our webhooks integration guide.

IP whitelisting

Below is the full list of IP addresses that webhook events may come from:

Downloading list of IP addresses

The list of IP addresses can be downloaded below in both TXT or JSON format. This can be used to import them into iptables or similar tools:

mTLS authentication

To increase security, it is recommended to configure mTLS authentication and verify our certificate chain.

Certificates PEM files: