Welcome to the Transatel APIs platform!

Transatel provides a suite of APIs that enable you to interface to Transatel platform and benefits of ours functionalities.

This site provides comprehensive documentation for all of our APIs and you will find everything you need to know about working with a particular API in the corresponding section.

However, there are some fundamental concepts that you need to understand and tools that might help you that apply across all our APIs. Here, we will give you this information and get you up and running as quickly as possible.


All Transatel APIs are exposed through an API gateway, this gateway has the responsibility to enforce common concerns such as:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Rate limiting


Transatel APIs use HTTP verbs and a RESTful endpoint structure. You have to use GET HTTP requests in order to get information, POST HTTP requests to update/add data. Request and response payloads are in JSON format using UTF-8 encoding.

Best practice: Always map only necessary fields for your logic and systematically ignore all unknown/unused fields to ensure backward compatibility for future version of the APIs.


All Transatel APIs descriptions are available in OpenAPI format so you can easily kickstart the integration of our services.


Transatel APIs use as authentication mechanism OAuth 2.0 protocol with the client credentials grant.
This protocol provides an access token with permissions configured on your account which you can use on API request to authenticate yourself.
To connect a client_id and client_secret are necessary, those will be provided to you upon creation of your account. (For more details see account management)


Transatel APIs provide an eligibility mechanism on all of its endpoints. This can be used to check which HTTP methods are accessible for a given URL by sending an HTTP OPTIONS request against it. The response will contain all available HTTP methods in the Allow header, as specified in the RFC 7231 .

Rate limiting

To prevent APIs to be overwhelmed by too many requests, the API gateway throttles requests to our APIs. Upon reaching the defined limit 429 Too Many Requests will be returned.
Quotas are defined per Transatel account, please contact your account manager to know more about it.


Transatel APIs provide secure and fully documented events you can subscribe to using our webhook API in order to trigger any required logic on your platform.


All communications between Transatel platform and yours use TLS 1.2 and HTTPS.

New to our world? Don't worry, we got your covered with our glossary.