SIM management overview

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eSIM (embedded SIM) is a form of programmable SIM which allows eSIM carrier profiles to be downloaded and installed over a network connectivity. This API allows to manage them and in particular consult their status.

Lifecycle and statuses

eSIM lifecycle

Lifecycle of an eSIM profile

availableeSIM profile available in stock
allocatedeSIM profile allocated to a specific device
releasedeSIM profile ready to be downloaded on a device
downloadedeSIM profile downloaded by the device
installedeSIM profile installed into the device
enabledeSIM profile enabled on the device
disabledeSIM profile disabled on the device
deletedeSIM profile deleted from the device

eSIM management

This API lets you retrieve eSIM activation codes or matching IDs, as well as notification history about eSIM status changes.

Retrieve an eSIM profile details

This operation allows you to retrieve profile information from the Subscription Manager Data Preparation+ (SM-DP+) relative to a given eSIM identified by its SIM card serial number.

As response, you will receive information such as:

  • the eSIM profile status
  • the activation code, the matching ID or even a ready-to-use QR code to download the profile on a device
  • the identifier of the eUICC on which the profile was downloaded
  • and optionally a history of all notifications and status changes

The activation code, matching ID and QR code are only available once an eSIM has been released.