Transatel APIs errors

Transatel REST APIs use HTTP standard status codes in response of all API request to indicate the result of an API call.

  • 2xx codes indicate a success.
  • 4xx codes indicate an error in the provided information (e.g a missing mandatory parameter).
  • 5xx codes indicate an error in Transatel's servers.

Error format

Together with the HTTP status, a response is provided as a JSON object with the details of the error. The format of those error responses follows the RFC 7807 .

Below is the description of the different error response fields:

typeStringA URI reference that identifies the problem. You can use this URI to reach the API reference documentation about the given error.
titleStringA string reference that identifies the problem.
statusNumberThe HTTP status code for this occurrence of the problem.
detailStringA human-readable explanation specific to this occurrence of the problem.
pathStringPath to the requested resource.

Example of error response:

"type": "",
"status": 400,
"detail": "Order failed - Subscriber is unknown",
"path": "/ocs/subscriptions/api/orders/products"

Common errors

Below are common errors that can be raised directly by our API gateway:

401UNAUTHORIZEDUnauthorized, no valid authentication token provided. Please provide a valid token retrieved from our authentication API. See our authentication guide for more details.
404NOT_FOUNDNot found, the provided URL does not map any of our API operation. Please check our API reference documentations to discover available operations.
429TOO_MANY_REQUESTSToo many request, you have reached the configured limit of API requests. Please contact your account manager to know more about it.
500INTERNAL_ERRORServer error, please check maintenance schedule or try again later.
503SERVICE_UNAVAILABLEService unavailable, the API is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
504GATEWAY_TIMEOUTGateway timeout, the upstream service was unresponsive. Please try again later.

API specific errors

Apart from common errors described above, each API can return its own specific errors. To read more about those, please check the Errors section in appendix of each API reference documentation.