Connectivity management overview

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Transatel connectivity management subscribers API enables Transatel customers to manage their subscribers states on the network as well as associated services, rate plan or options.

It can be seen as an entry point to Transatel platform as it manages the lifecycle of subscribers and their related SIM cards, and so is needed to activate SIM card and create the subscriber on the network.

The API provides the following features:

Setting-up a connectivity service on the network requires to provision various systems, this is why most operations are processed asynchronously to let all systems initialize themselves properly.

Below is a typical connectivity management API call flow:

API flow

After you submitted a request, you are going to receive a corresponding (and unique) transaction identifier for your request. If your created a webhook to subscribe to connectivity management events, you will be notified of updates about the request completion status.

Subscriber management

When you create a new connectivity service by activating (or pre-activating) a SIM card, a subscriber is created. Connectivity management operations will let you manage its lifecycle and modify related properties such as network configuration or billing options.

You can learn more on the subscriber management page.

IoT lifecycle management

For customers who use connectivity for Internet-of-Things purposes, Transatel platform provides additional features which extend the subscriber lifecycle with new states and are manageable with dedicated operations.

You can learn more on the IoT optional statuses page.

SIM card information

Your SIM cards have many properties like PIN or PUK codes that our API operation lets you consult in order to provide them to your users.

You can learn more on the dedicated section.

Contact information management

If you want to put your user's personal details like their name or address in Transatel platform, you can do so with our dedicated operation. Please note that parts of this information are searchable in our SIM management portal.

You can learn more on the dedicated section.

Transaction information

All your connectivity management subscribers API requests generate transactions on our side, they serve as history but above all, enable to unambiguously match an event with its corresponding previous request. For example if you didn't receive any event, at any moment you're able to query the transaction details operation to retrieve the status of your transaction.

Synchronous transactions may have the following statuses:

  • SUCCESS: the transaction was successful
  • ERROR: an error occurred during the processing of the request

Asynchronous transactions can have the following statuses:

  • PENDING: the transaction has been submitted and is yet to be completed on our backend
  • DONE: the transaction has been completed, corresponding request has been successfully processed
  • ERROR: an error occurred during the processing of the request

You can learn more on the dedicated section.

Connectivity management requests

All connectivity management requests follow the same structure across operations, they contain:

  • simSerial: identifying the related SIM card, to be provided in the URL
  • ratePlan: identifying the tariff the subscriber is (or will be) bound to
  • options: options which can be activated or deactivated per subscriber, the comprehensive list is available when you sign-up with Transatel
  • externalReference: an optional reference in your system

Below is an example of connectivity management request (for requesting a subscriber activation):

URL: /api/subscribers/sim-serial/8944133397300000000/activate

"ratePlan": "M2MA_WW_TSL_PPU_1",
"externalReference": "RX12345ZVGT",
"group": "Group A1",
"name": "M2M_TSL_BAR_DATA",
"value": "on"

Connectivity management synchronous responses

Synchronous responses follow the same principle and share a common structure as well, containing:

  • transactionId: unique identifier for your request
  • simSerial: identifying the related SIM card
  • transactionStatus: current status of the transaction

Below is an example of connectivity management response:

"transactionId": "c1e2fac8-0572-4e2c-a487-c3cc5cbbc85c",
"simSerial": "8944133397300000000",
"transactionStatus": "PENDING"

Asynchronous responses are provided as events once you subscribed to them by creating a webhook. You can learn more about this in our dedicated integration guide, and find their description on the connectivity events page.

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