OCS options

Learn about OCS options and their dedicated APIs


An option is a choice given to your subscribers which may modify the behavior of their connectivity services.

It differs from a product in the following ways:

  • When present in the catalog, the option exists for all your subscribers
  • It has states, often on/off that you can manipulate for each subscriber
  • It exists from the activation of the subscriber til their termination, you don't have to explicitly subscribe or unsubscribe to it

Available options are:

Data safeguard

The data safeguard option is a EU regulatory option which sets a monthly cut-off price limit for data roaming. Once the cut-off limit is reached, the data traffic is blocked to avoid any bill shock to a subscriber. This limit can be lifted for the current monthly period by the subscriber which should explicitly opt out from this protection.

This option has 3 states:

  • active: The protection is active.
  • temporarily-inactive: The protection is deactivated but only for the current period, no traffic limitation will be applied. The protection will be active again when the next period starts.
  • permanently-inactive: The protection is completely deactivated.

Data safeguard transitions

Data safeguard state transitions

Option Catalog

This API allows you to retrieve option(s) from your catalog.

Retrieve all options by COS

Operation used to retrieve all option(s) from your catalog, so you can discover which ones are configured.

Retrieve data safeguard option

Operation used to consult the data safeguard option details in your catalog. From the response, you can check:

  • How is configured your cutOff limit
  • All possible states for this option

Option Inventory

This API allows you to retrieve the inventory of option(s) for your subscribers.

Retrieve subscriber option(s) inventory

Operation used to retrieve the inventory of all options for a given subscriber using their MSISDN.

Retrieve subscriber data safeguard option state

Operation used to retrieve for a given subscriber the state of his data safeguard option with some additional information such as:

  • states: the current state of this option.
  • limit: the cut-off price limit value.
  • spent: the already spent amount corresponding to the usage of roaming data. Provided only when the data safeguard option is active.
  • reached: a flag indicating if your subscriber already reached the limit and can no longer use roaming data. Once the remaining amount of the cut-off price limit is under 50 cents this flag will be set to false. Provided only when the data safeguard option is active.
  • eligibleStates: all reachable states according to the current one.

List of possible states:

  • active: your subscriber is protected by the data safeguard option. He can enjoy roaming data up to the defined cut-off price limit.
  • temporarily-inactive: your subscriber has opted-out from the data safeguard option protection for the current period and can use roaming data without limitation.
  • permanently-inactive: your subscriber has definitely opted-out from the data safeguard option protection.

Option Subscriptions

This API allows you to change the state of a given option of your subscriber.

Change subscriber data safeguard option state

This operation allows you to change the state of the data safeguard option for a given subscriber.